Looptworks- Portland, Oregon

Launched in September 2009, Looptworks is a ground-breaking business that repurposes abandoned materials into meaningful, long-lasting and limited-edition products. By re-using the world's pre-consumer excess, the U.S.-based company aims to rid the world of waste while inspiring a generation to reduce their impact on the planet. The line includes jackets hoodies, skirts, shirts, graphic t-shirts for both men and women and gear such as laptop, iPad neoprene sleeves. The Portland, Oregon-based start-up is led by apparel industry veterans with extensive experience from Nike, Adidas and Royal Robbins.. 

Referencia International – Paris, France

Referencia International is private equity firm with the primary purpose of managing Ref-Int l, a private equity fund. What makes Referencia International distinctive is its proven competence to unleash enterprise value by redefining business models, accessing product and marketing innovations and providing financial solutions. Its mission is to achieve superior return to Ref-Int l shareholders by investing in selected companies. 

The S Group- Portland, Oregon

A group of individuals with the vision of creating and executing product that leverages brands. Our international team is located at point of project inception so as to be closest to where function is aspired.

  • South East Asia, India & Latin America for production, procurement and quality assurance
  • United states for market grounding, client communication and product design

Our relationships and alliances involve companies that recognize the power of innovative products to leverage their brands and an exceptional demand chain to meet market dynamics.
In a world where brand survival depends on connecting to consumers and consistently reinventing themselves, the S Group provides solutions by looking at issues from the outside in versus inside out.



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